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Software instruments ► Multi-port soft synths

A multi-port soft synth allows you the option of using a different synth track for every output that the soft synth has. This allows you to use different plug-in effects for each sound (or in some cases, group of sounds) that a soft synth produces. For example, if a soft synth can produce 16 sounds at the same time, and has 4 outputs, you can send any of the 16 sounds out through any of 4 different outputs, giving you a choice of 4 different plug-in configurations for that soft synth. You would use 4 different synth tracks: one for each output. If a soft synth can produce 8 sounds at the same time, and has 8 outputs, you could use 8 synth tracks and 8 plug-in configurations. If you need more plug-in configurations or just more sounds, you can insert more copies of the same soft synth, using new synth tracks for all of the new copy’s outputs. You can also send all the MIDI tracks out the same output and synth track if you don’t need separate plug-ins for each sound, or just want to use the soft synth’s internal effects.
The Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box gives you the option of automatically creating a separate synth track for each audio output that the soft synth has, or creating just one synth track for Output 1 of that particular soft synth. Each new copy (also called an instance) of a soft synth is considered to be a separate instrument, and appears in a separate row in the Synth Rack, with a number after its name representing which copy it is.

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