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Software instruments ► Converting your soft synth tracks to audio

Once your project sounds the way you want it to, it’s extremely easy to convert your soft synth MIDI tracks to either new audio tracks, or Wave, MP3, or other exported files.
Click the Track view Tracks menu and choose Bounce to Track(s).
The Bounce to Track(s) dialog box appears.
In the Destination field, choose a new or pre-existing track to put the new audio data on.
In the Source Category field, choose Tracks.
In the Channel Format field, choose mono if you want a mono track, stereo if you want a stereo track, and split mono if you want to create separate mono tracks.
In the Source/Buses field, choose the output bus(es) that the soft synth tracks are using (usually the main outputs).
In the Mix Enables field, make sure all choices are selected.
SONAR creates new audio tracks from the outputs you selected. When you’re through converting, don’t forget to mute your MIDI tracks so you won’t hear them and the new audio track(s) at the same time.
Note: You control the bit depth of all rendering operations (bouncing, freezing, applying effects) in Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data, in the Render Bit Depth field. The default value of 32 is the best for most situations. See Bit depths for rendering audio for more information.
Mute all tracks that you don’t want to export; make sure you don’t mute the synth track or the audio track that the soft synth is patched into, or the MIDI track(s) that you are using as a source.
Use the File > Export > Audio command.
The Export Audio dialog box appears.
In the Look in field, choose the location where you want the new, exported file to be.
Type a file name in the File name field.
In the Mix Enables field, make sure all choices are selected.

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