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SONAR Won’t Close Properly. Always close your ReWire applications before closing SONAR or a SONAR project.
Rebirth Won’t Play After I Open Its Property Page. Make sure that the Loop switch in Rebirth is enabled.
My ReWire Project Plays at a Different Tempo when Opened from SONAR. When you open a ReWire project from SONAR, the ReWire project assumes SONAR’s default tempo, which is 100. Change SONAR’s tempo to match your ReWire project.
My MIDI Controller Works in SONAR or my ReWire Application, but not Both. Choose different MIDI In ports for both SONAR and your ReWire application. Do this in SONAR by using the Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices command, and highlighting the MIDI In port you want to use in SONAR. If you only have one MIDI In port on your MIDI interface or sound card, enable that input in either SONAR or your ReWire application, and disable that input in the other application.
I Get a MIDI Input Error Message When I Open a ReWire Application. If you only have one MIDI Input port on your MIDI interface, you probably have that one reserved for SONAR, leaving none for your ReWire application. If you would rather use your MIDI controller in the ReWire application instead of SONAR, you can deselect your MIDI input port in Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices, and then select that MIDI Input from whatever menu your ReWire application has for that purpose. If you have multiple inputs on your MIDI interface, simply select different ones for SONAR and your ReWire application.
When there is a ReWire application loaded into a SONAR project, the SONAR Fast Forward button/command only works if there is a clip at the end of the SONAR project or if Stop at Project End is not checked.
When using a metronome count-in and recording, any ReWire tracks will be silent at the start of recording. The silence period will equal the count-in duration. To fix this issue, disable metronome count-in (go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Metronome and set Record Count-in to 0).

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