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There are several different surround formats, including LCRS, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1, with 5.1 being most common. The number after the decimal point refers to the number of Low Frequency Effect (LFE) speakers. However, there are even different flavors of 5.1. The different flavors specify in which order the speakers are arranged, and the speaker angles. For example:
Table 170.  
Table 171.  
Side right—directly to the right of the listener
Side Left—directly to the left of the listener
Low Frequency Effect speaker(s)—placed according to room acoustics
The Surround Format templates are hard-coded, and cannot be deleted. However, you can freely assign any enabled audio output port to any surround channel, and save the configuration as a preset.
To configure surround settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Surround.

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