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The SurroundBridge automatically loads enough instances of a plug-in to handle all your surround channels. For example, if you patch a stereo effect into a surround bus that uses 5.1 SMPTE/ITU panning, the SurroundBridge automatically assigns the Left and Right channels of the bus to instance 1 of the plug-in, assigns the Left Surround and Right Surround channels to instance 2, the Center channel to instance 3, and the LFE channel to instance 4. If you patch a mono effect into a surround bus, the SurroundBridge assigns each channel to a single instance of the mono effect, which would create six instances of the effect on a 5.1 surround bus. You can view and edit these assignments on the SurroundBridge tab that’s in the property page of every effect that’s patched into a surround bus. For example, if you want a certain effect on the Left Surround channel of a surround bus, but not on the Right Surround channel, you can assign these two channels to different instances of the effect you’re patching by choosing options on the SurroundBridge tab of the effect’s property page.
The SurroundBridge also links the automatable parameters of each instance so that when you change a parameter in one instance, you automatically change the same parameter in all the other instances. You can unlink parameters individually, or per-instance (see How to patch and configure surround effects).

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