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Surround Mixing (Producer and Studio only) ► Exporting surround mixes

Use the File > Export > Audio command to open the Export Audio dialog box.
In the Files of Type field, choose one of the following:
In the Source Category field, choose Buses, Main Outputs, or Entire Mix.
Choose the bus or buses in the Source Buses/Tracks field that you want to export your mix from.
Choose Multichannel in the Channel Format field.
If you want to save the settings you created in the Export Audio dialog box, type a name for them in the Preset window and then click the floppy disk icon that’s next to the window.
Click Export.
None of the standard AVI audio codecs support multichannel audio. When exporting multichannel audio to an AVI video file, do not select an audio codec (no compression), or use a codec that is known to support multichannel audio.

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