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Synchronizing your gear ► MIDI synchronization

MIDI Synchronization, or MIDI Sync, is usually used to synchronize SONAR with drum machines, stand-alone MIDI hardware sequencers, and sequencers built into MIDI keyboards. SONAR can slave to MIDI Sync, and can send MIDI Sync on multiple output ports.
When MIDI devices are synched, the master device sends messages to all other devices to start and stop playback and to keep all the devices in sync. To change the tempo of a project, you adjust the tempo on the master device. The playback tempo on all slave devices is then set automatically.
Table 207.  
This message tells slave devices to change the current location to the designated point in the project. SONAR normally issues an SPP message immediately prior to any Start or Continue message.
The master sends clock messages to each slave device at the rate of 24 per quarter note. The slave devices use these messages to establish the tempo and stay in sync.
When you start playback on the master MIDI device, for example, it sends a Start message to all slave devices, announcing that playback has started. If the slave devices are set up correctly, they receive the message and start playing back with the master device. When SONAR is set up as the master device, you can enable or disable these messages.

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