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Synchronizing your gearMIDI synchronization ► SONAR as the slave

When you click the Play or Record button, a message (Waiting for MIDI Sync) is displayed in the status bar. When you start your external device, SONAR will follow.
Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI Devices and make sure the MIDI input port that connects to the MIDI Sync master is selected.
In the Preferences dialog box, go to Project - Clock and set Source to MIDI Sync.
In the Preferences dialog box, go to Project - MIDI and make sure Transmit MIDI Start/Continue/Stop/Clock is not selected, and clear any selected ports under MIDI Sync Output Ports. SONAR will receive sync data from the sync master, and should therefore not transmit any sync data.
In the Preferences dialog box, go to Audio - Sync and Caching and select Always switch clock source and start and Maintain current clock source and wait for timecode. This will prevent SONAR from switching back to its internal clock.

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