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Synchronizing your gearMIDI synchronization ► SONAR as the master

There are several options, found in Edit > Preferences > Project - MIDI, which you can use when SONAR is the MIDI Sync master device:
Table 208.  
Choosing this option causes SONAR to tell the slave when to start, when to continue, when to stop, and what timing data to go by (SONAR’s).
Use Start, Never Continue (greyed out unless above option is checked)
If you are using an external drum machine to repeat a drum pattern or loop, you might always want playback on the drum machine to start at the beginning of the loop. When this option is chosen, SONAR sends a Start message to all slave devices when playback is started, even if you are in the middle of a project. (Normally, SONAR would send a Continue message if playback starts from the middle of a project.)
When this options is checked, SONAR sends an SPP message before starting or continuing playback. If you are using a drum machine as described previously, you might want to disable this option.
Some older MIDI devices take a small amount of time to respond to SPP messages. This option causes SONAR to delay briefly after sending an SPP message, to give the slave device time to respond. The delay is in 1/18ths of a second. Enter 1 for a 1/18th second delay, 2 for 2/18ths of a second, or 18 for a full second delay.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Project - MIDI.
Check the Transmit MIDI Start/Continue/Stop/Clock box.
For most applications, check the Transmit MIDI Song Position Pointer box.
If you are using a drum machine to play patterns or loops, check the Use Start, Never Continue option and disable the Transmit MIDI Song Position Pointer option.
In the MIDI Sync Output Ports field, check off the output ports that you want to send the sync signal out of.

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