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Synchronizing your gearSMPTE/MIDI time code synchronization ► Troubleshooting SMPTE/MTC sync

Table 211.  
Use utility programs that come with your MIDI interface to make sure that the time code stripe is being received (sometimes you must enable a Time Code Sync option). Check the MIDI interface settings to make sure that MIDI Time Code is being generated.
Enable the Full Chase Lock option, which keeps audio from freewheeling.
SONAR continues playing for up to one full second after the time code stops
Some time code readers tolerate dropouts of up to one second, without affecting playback. When you stop the tape deck, it takes a full second for the reader to realize that this isn’t merely a dropout and to signal the end of the time code to SONAR. This does not indicate any problem with time code sync.
SONAR will not sync to MTC within one minute of roll-over (1 minute before midnight; 23:59:00:00 - 23:59:59:xx). To address this, use a SMPTE offset that doesn't require you to trigger the midnight roll-over.

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