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Synchronizing your gear ► MIDI Machine Control (MMC)

MIDI Machine Control (MMC) is a protocol that controls an MMC-equipped remote device via MIDI. SONAR lets you use MMC to start and stop playback and recording on remote MIDI devices such as tape decks, video recorders, and even other software packages. If you have several MMC-controllable devices in your studio, assign each a unique Unit ID so that MMC commands can be addressed to a particular device.
MMC is very powerful when used with MIDI Time Code sync. For example, suppose you have an MMC-equipped digital tape deck that generates time code and want to use the tape deck as the timing master for a project. You can set up your equipment and software so that the transport controls in SONAR send MMC messages to the tape deck, which in turn starts and stops playback in SONAR via SMPTE/MTC Sync. In this configuration, SONAR’s transport buttons (Play, Record, and Stop) are simply remote control substitutes for the buttons on your tape deck. In this type of configuration, you must choose one MMC-controllable device as the time code master.
When MMC is enabled, press Play to start playback on all connected MMC devices, and press Stop to stop all connected devices. If you press Record while playback is underway, all connected MMC devices (e.g., tape decks) begin recording on any armed tracks. If you stop recording (without stopping playback), SONAR instruct the tape decks to punch out. You must arm and disarm tracks on the tape deck; you cannot do this from SONAR.
If you have established punch-in/out points in Edit > Preferences > Project - Record, SONAR will attempt to preprogram the punch-in and punch-out times. However, your equipment must recognize the MMC event command for this feature to work. (Consult the owner’s manual or contact the equipment manufacturer for more information.) If your equipment behaves erratically with automated punch-in, don’t attempt to use it when those pieces of equipment are connected.
SONAR instructs MMC devices to locate the current project position only when playback or recording is started. This prevents excessive wear on the motors and tape heads of the devices.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Clock.
Under Source, select SMPTE/MTC.
Click the Project - MIDI page (Edit > Preferences > Project - MIDI).
Select the Transmit MMC check box.
Enter the ID of the master timing device in the Time Code Master’s Unit ID box.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Project - MIDI.
Make sure the Transmit MMC box is not checked, and click OK.

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