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Template files make it easy to create new projects with certain predefined settings. To create a template file, create a new project file and arrange the project settings the way you want, then save the project as a template file. Template files have a file extension of .cwt. When you create a new project, you can use the template as the basis for the new project. SONAR looks for template files in a particular folder on your hard disk. By default, this folder is the program folder. To change the template directory, go to Edit > Preferences > File - Folder Locations.
Every time you start SONAR, a new, empty project is displayed. If you want, you can determine the settings for this default project by creating and saving a special template file, called Normal.cwt. If you create or update the Normal.cwt file, SONAR will display this template automatically when the program is started.
Create a new file using the File > New command.
Choose File > Save As to display the Save As dialog box.
Choose Template from the Save as Type list.
Choose File > New to display the New Project File dialog box. The list contains the names of all existing templates.

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