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Templates and key bindingsTemplates ► Template example: three MIDI instruments

Choose File > New to create a new project file.
In the Ch drop-down menu of track 10, enter 10. The drum machine responds to channel 10. For consistency, the drums can be placed on track 10.
The second synthesizer responds to channels 1 through 8. These can be placed on tracks 1 through 8. For each track, enter the corresponding channel number using the Ch drop-down menu for each track. You should now have tracks 1 through 8 set to channels 1 through 8.
The third synthesizer can respond to 16 MIDI channels, but the only channels left are 9 and 11 through 16. Enter these numbers in the corresponding tracks. You will need to mute the unused channels on the third synthesizer (1 through 8 and 10) so they won’t play. These are assigned to the drum machine and the second synthesizer.
Choose File > Save, and save the file as a template named my3synths.

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