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Do one of the following:
Track Automation (including ProChannel, Arpeggiator, plug-in parameters, and MIDI continuous controllers)
Tip: To set all similar tracks to the same Edit Filter setting, hold down the CTRL key when you change any track’s Edit Filter setting. To set all selected tracks to the same Edit Filter setting, first select the tracks, then hold down CTRL when you change any track’s Edit Filter setting.
A. Edit Filter
Note: Some tools can only be used on certain types of data. The mouse pointer indicates if the selected tool can be used at the current position. For details, see Mouse cursors.
A. Smart tool B. Select tool C. Move tool D. Edit tools (Edit/Timing/Split) E. Draw tools (Freehand/Line/Sine/Triangle/Square/Saw/Random) F. Erase tools (Erase/Mute) G. Draw resolution
Related tools are grouped together in the Tools module. Several buttons in the Tools module display a small triangle in the bottom right corner. The triangle indicates that you can click and keep the mouse button pressed for a brief moment to access additional tools or options from a pop-up menu. You can also right-click the button and choose an option on the pop-up menu.
Edit tool
If the tool you are looking for isn’t visible in the Tools module, chances are that another tool in the same group is selected. To access the hidden tool, click the group the tool belongs to, then select the tool from the pop-up menu. Figure Figure 102 shows an expanded view of all tool groups.
A. Smart tool B. Select tool C. Move tool D. Edit tools E. Edit tool F. Timing tool G. Split tool H. Draw tools I. Freehand tool J. Line Tool K. Sine Pattern tool L. Triangle Pattern tool M. Square Pattern tool N. Saw Pattern tool O. Random Pattern tool P. Erase tools Q. Erase tool R. Mute tool
Use the following keyboard shortcuts to select tools. Tools that belong to the same group share the same shortcut. Press a shortcut repeatedly to cycle through all tools in a group.
Cycle through Edit tools (Edit/Timing/Split)
Cycle through Draw tools (Freehand/Line/Sine/Triangle/Square/Saw/Random)
While using a specific tool, you can temporarily invoke another tool by holding down the new tool’s keyboard shortcut. Release the shortcut to switch back to the previously selected tool.
For example, if you are using the Move tool and need to select some notes, press and hold down the F6 key (shortcut for the Select tool), make a selection, then release the F6 key to return to the Move tool.
Clips, note events, envelopes and AudioSnap transients have different “hotspots”. That is, a tool may do something different depending on where you click. As you move the mouse pointer, the current hotspot is shown as a shaded rectangle.

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