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SONAR includes Cakewalk Publisher, which is a powerful tool to share your music, artwork and playlists on the Internet. A detailed description of Publisher is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but let’s take a quick look at its basic features and how it integrates with SONAR.
To open Publisher, select Utilities > Publish to Web.
Notice that your recently exported project is already listed in the Track list. This is because you selected the Add to Cakewalk Publisher check box in the Export Audio dialog box.
The following table describes a few of the buttons in the publisher interface. If you would like to explore all of the features in Publisher, click the button labeled HELP in the upper right corner of the Publisher window.
Table 13.  
Lets you associate an image with the selected track. This is useful if you want to include album artwork when you upload your music.
Once your player has been configured and your playlist is put together, click Publish to upload your files to the Internet.

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