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Window management ► Screensets

A screenset is a snapshot of the current layout of various views and windows in a project, including which windows are open, their size, position, zoom level and whether they are docked or floating. You can create up to 10 screensets per project and freely switch between screensets at any time.
One of the 10 available screensets is always active. There is no need to explicitly save screensets; SONAR does that automatically for you, allowing you to focus on your work. The current window layout is always stored as the current screenset. SONAR automatically saves the current screenset when you save the project or switch to another screenset. This allows screensets to seamlessly integrate into any workflow. You can also lock screensets in order to prevent any further changes.
Screensets make it very efficient to arrange views and windows in SONAR. For example, you may prefer to use a particular window layout while recording, a different layout when working with loops, and a different layout while mixing, etc. By creating custom screensets, you can quickly change the window layout depending on the current workflow. When you select a screenset, SONAR automatically restores the window layout that is stored in the screenset, so there is no need to manually close or open windows.
Screensets are saved per project, and you can import screensets from other projects. Screensets can be updated, renamed, duplicated and locked to prevent further changes.

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