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Arranging and editing ► Arranging tracks

Table 42.  
Rearrange the tracks in the Track view so that they appear in a different order
This makes it easier to see and work with a subset of tracks, like the rhythm section, or the vocals and vocal backing tracks, or all muted tracks.
Lets you group tracks by function, edit several tracks at once, hide groups of tracks easily, and mute, solo, archive, arm, or input monitor a group or tracks with one click. See Track folders for more information.
Copying a track and then adding a time offset or changing the patch is an easy way to double a part. You can also copy and then transpose a track to add harmony.
All the commands you use to arrange tracks work on selected tracks. The current track (the one with the lighter titlebar) is always selected. You can select additional tracks as shown in the following table.
Table 43.  
Click the track number in the Track view. The track is selected, and all other tracks—except the current track—are deselected.
Click the track number for the first track in the group, drag the mouse to the last track number in the group, and release the mouse button.
Hold the SHIFT key and click the track number to add it to the selection; hold the CTRL key and click the track number to toggle its selection status.

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