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Arranging and editing ► Slip-editing (non-destructive editing)

Slip-editing allows you to non-destructively hide or reveal the beginning of a clip, the end of a clip, or both. The hidden material in a clip is not heard during playback. All hidden material remains intact and can be restored. All slip-editing movements correspond to the current snap to resolution. For more information about the snap to grid, see Defining and using the Snap Grid.
A. Clip handle B. Slip-edit cursor
Important: Like any clips, slip-edited clips can be combined with other clips using the Track view Clips > Bounce to Clip(s) command and slip-edited clips in a track can be mixed down to another track. When a slip-edited clip is combined with another clip or an effect is applied to a clip using the Process > Apply Effect > Audio Effects command, any slip-edited data (audio clips or MIDI events that are cropped from view) is overwritten.

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