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Dialog box reference ► Patch Browser dialog

The Patch Browser dialog box opens when you click the Patch Browser button in the Track Inspector. The Patch Browser button is also available from the Insert > Bank/Patch Change dialog box.
The Patch Browser dialog box has the following fields:
Use this field to search for patches by filling in pieces of the patch name. You can select previous search patterns from the drop-down list. Pressing the DELETE key redisplays the whole list, but doesn’t actually delete the search text.
This column lists all the patch names of all the Instruments you have assigned to MIDI outputs. Clicking the heading of the Name column sorts the list in alphabetical order.
This column lists the patch number of each patch in the Name column. Sorting the lists—You can sort your patch names by name, bank, or patch number simply by clicking the appropriate column heading in the Patch Browser dialog box.

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