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Editing audio ► Audio effects (audio plug-ins)

SONAR provides the ability to use plug-in audio effects. Some audio plug-in effects are supplied with SONAR. Others can be purchased from third-party software manufacturers, and appear automatically in SONAR’s menus once they are installed on your system. If you need help when using a plug-in, press the F1 key on your computer keyboard to open the plug-in’s help file. Please note that third-party plug-ins may not have a help file.
Note: SONAR X2 Producer and Studio can use unlimited plug-ins. SONAR X2 Essential can use up to 64 plug-in effects and 16 software instruments.
You can add audio effects, like MIDI effects, to audio tracks in real time (during playback) in the Console and Track views. Unlike some of the audio processing discussed so far, using effects in real time is non-destructive. This means that the audio clip data itself is not modified, and no new audio files are created. For more information about real-time effects, see Mixing.
Note: Off-line effects may cause your audio clips to grow in length. For example, when you apply reverb, your clip may need to lengthen to accommodate the sound of the reverberation. The additional sound that an effect produces from a clip is called an effects tail.

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