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Editing MIDI events and continuous controllers (CC) ► Adding and editing controllers in the Piano Roll

Controller events (MIDI continuous controllers, pitch wheel, NRPN’s, and RPN’s) appear in either the Notes pane or the Controller pane, depending on whether you choose to display the Controller pane or not. Each controller event has an edit handle at the top, which you can drag to edit, and a tail under the edit handle, which graphically demonstrates the controller event’s current value. The tail changes colors to show whether you can edit a particular type of controller, and also turns dark to show that the controller event is selected. Controller events appear in different colors so you can differentiate them when you’re displaying multiple controller events, possibly in multiple tracks.
A. A single controller event B. Edit handle (also called Controller handle C. Controller tail
To show which events belong to which track, and which ones are the “current” events (the ones you can edit), and which events are selected, controller events use the following color patterns:
Controller tail. Uses the same color as the edit handle when the controller can be edited (in other words, when the controller is selected in the Piano Roll view Edit Filter). You can automatically enable a controller type for editing by clicking its edit handle with the Draw tool.
Selected. If a controller event is selected, both the edit handle and the tail darken in shade the way that selected notes do.

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