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The Event List view shows events in a list format. You can insert, delete, or modify any kind of event, including notes, pitch-wheel data, velocity, MIDI controllers, patch changes, Wave files, lyrics, text strings, MCI commands, System Exclusive meta-events, and more.
Right-click a clip in the Clips pane and choose Views > Event List on the pop-up menu.
A. Menu B. Track C. This event is selected D. Event time E. Event channel F. Event type
The events in the selected tracks are listed one per line, from top to bottom. As you move the highlight through the event list, SONAR updates the Now marker (time display). During playback, the event list scrolls to display the events at the current time. The current event is centered in the Event List during playback, and the highlight is on the correct event when playback stops. Any time you change the Now time, the event list is updated and the highlight is moved to the event that will be played next.
When the Event List view includes more than one track, events are mixed together in chronological order. For example, if you select tracks 1 and 3 when you open the Event List view, you see a single list of intermingled events from tracks 1 and 3. You can have any number of Event List views, each containing any number of tracks, open at the same time. You can change the tracks shown in the Event List view by clicking Tracks menu and choosing the tracks you want.

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