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Inspectors ► Track Inspector overview

The Track Inspector provides mixing controls for the currently selected audio track, MIDI track, Instrument track, bus or main. The Track Inspector is essentially identical to a channel strip in the Console view. Any changes you make in the Track Inspector are reflected in the corresponding Console view channel strip, and vice versa. The Track Inspector modules can be shown/hidden independently from the corresponding Console view modules.
The Track Inspector is divided in two. The left strip shows mix controls for the current track/bus/main. The right strip varies depending on the current track type, as shown in the following table.
Arpeggiator, Input Quantize, Snap to Scale settings, MIDI chorus, MIDI reverb, Bank Select Method, Key+ and Time+ for selected MIDI track
Audio tab: Output of selected track or send
MIDI tab: Arpeggiator, Input Quantize and Snap to Scale settings for selected Instrument track
A. Current audio track B. Output of current audio track C. Current MIDI track or Instrument track D. Advanced MIDI settings for current MIDI track or Instrument track (MIDI tab) E. Current Instrument track F. Output of current Instrument track (Audio tab) G. Selected bus H. Output of selected bus I. Selected main J. The right strip is blank when showing mains
Note: When the current track is an Instrument track, you can show either audio output controls or advanced MIDI settings in the right strip by selecting the Audio tab or MIDI tab at the bottom of the Track Inspector.
Do one of the following:
Be default, the Track Inspector dynamically updates to show the current track. However, you can choose to always show a specific track or bus regardless of which track is current.
Click the Track Name control in the Track Inspector and select Lock the current track or bus from the drop-down menu.
To unlock the track or bus, select Lock the current track or bus from the menu again.

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