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You can easily create new lists that are similar to other lists. For example, suppose you want to create a new patch name list called NewList that is almost identical to the General MIDI patch list, but with one or two small changes. Here’s how you proceed:
Create a new patch name list in the Patch Names folder of the Names tree called, for example, NewList.
Drag the new list onto the General MIDI list in the Names tree. You will be asked if you want to base NewList on the General MIDI list.
Click OK. NewList will now be listed under the General MIDI branch. Any patch names that exist in the General MIDI list apply to NewList, too.
Add new patch names to NewList. These names will override those in the list on which NewList is based.
If you change your mind about NewList and want to make it a stand-alone, separate list, simply drag it to the Patch Names root folder.

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