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Instrument definitionsCreating instrument definitions ► Assigning the Bank Select method

Your synthesizer uses one of four bank select methods to switch back and forth between banks of sounds. To find the method used for your instrument, check the instrument’s User’s Guide or the manufacturer’s web site. The four methods are as follows:
Table 203.  
The bank select method you choose affects the bank numbers that you assign to each patch list, as described in the following section. Here’s how you compute the bank numbers:
Table 204.  
Note: A synthesizer manufacturer may refer to Controller 0 as the MSB (Most Significant Byte) and to Controller 32 as the LSB (Least Significant Byte).
Here is an example of the Normal bank select method. According to the documentation for the Roland JV-1080 synthesizer, the PR-A Bank has a Controller 0 value of 81 and a Controller 32 value of 0. You compute the bank number that you enter in the instrument definition as follows: (81 x 128) + 0 = 10,368.
Expand the Bank Select Method branch in the Names tree.
Drag the desired bank select method from the Names tree to the Instrument tree.

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