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MixingMixing MIDI ► Converting MIDI to audio

If your MIDI tracks play back through external MIDI modules, simply connect their analog outputs to the inputs on your sound card, and record to new audio tracks.
Pick a destination audio track and set the Input field to Stereo-(name of your sound card).
If SONAR’s metronome is set to use any software synth to produce a click, disable the recording metronome. To do so, click the Record Metronome button in the Control Bar’s Transport module, or go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Metronome and clear the Recording check box.
Windows 7: Click the Windows Start button and go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Volume Control.
Open the sound card’s recording control window (the command is probably Options > Properties > Adjust Volume For Recording) and make sure all check boxes below Adjust Volume For Recording are selected.
Click OK, and locate the slider marked MIDI, Synth, Mixed Input, or What You Hear. Check the Select box at the bottom, then close the window.
In SONAR, click the Record button.

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