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Table 159.  
Insert a send in the track controls by right-clicking in the track controls and selecting Insert > Send > [name of bus you want the data to go to]. Click the FX tab at the bottom of the Track pane, and then click the track’s Bus Enable button so that it turns green, and set the Bus Send Level and Bus Send Pan (for more information, see Stereo buses”).
Click the Mute button.
Click the Solo button.
Click the Arm button.
Adjust the Pan control.
Set the Send Pan to be the same as the bus that the send feeds into
Right-click the Send Pan control and choose Follow Track Pan from the pop-up menu. This setting is only active when the send has the same interleave as the bus that the send feeds into, and is set to Post Fader. If enabled, the Send Pan control no longer affects the output.
Adjust the Volume fader.
Click the drop-down arrow in the Output field and choose one from the list.
Click the drop-down arrow in the Input field and choose one from the list.
SONAR displays volume in dB (decibels). When adjusting the volume or bus send level controls, a value of 0 dB indicates full signal strength; positive values, up to 6 dB, indicate a signal gain; negative values indicate an attenuated signal. When adjusting the Pan control, the value is displayed on a scale that ranges from 100%L (hard left) 100%R (hard right).

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