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You can insert real-time effects on clips, in both MIDI and audio tracks. Each clip that you insert an effect on displays its own effects bin, that you can use to manage the effects on that clip.
The Track view Clips > Bounce to Clip(s) command follows clip boundaries—effects tails are cut off, unless you slip-edit the end of the clip to leave space.
Do one of the following:
Right-click the clip, choose Open Clip Effects Bin on the pop-up menu, then right-click the clip effects bin and choose the desired effect.
Open the Clip Inspector and show the Clip Effects section. Right-click the effects bin to select an effect, or drag an effect from the Browser.
A. FX icon
To open a clip’s effects bin, click the FX icon, or right-click the FX icon and select Open Clip Effects Bin from the pop-up menu.
To close a clip’s effects bin, click the X icon that’s in the upper left corner of the clip’s effects bin, or click anywhere outside of the effects bin.
Click the Track view Clips menu and choose Bounce to Clip(s).
After the progress bar disappears, the bounced clips appear with new waveforms to reflect the effects processing. The inserted clip effects are removed from the bounced clips automatically.
The cause for this problem has its roots in the little Cancel button that sits in the top right corner of the plug-in's property page. The purpose of this button is to allow the user to cancel out of any changes they might have made to the plug-in, restoring back to whatever state the plug-in was in before they opened the GUI window. To make this work, SONAR would need to take an initial snapshot of the plug-in's state, and some plug-ins with large amounts of preset data could cause an audio hiccup if the data was captured for the Cancel button.
To address this issue, SONAR 4.0.3 (and later) does not take a snapshot of the plug-in's state by default, and the Cancel button is not available. There is a new Cakewalk.ini variable to bring back the Cancel button if desired, but be aware that this may also result in hiccups when opening VST plug-ins during playback.
This variable should be set in the [WinCake] section. For example:

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