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SONAR supports multi-input plug-ins, which are typically sidechain plug-ins that have two inputs: a primary input and a sidechain input.
When SONAR detects such a plug-in in an effects bin, a virtual output port is created for each extra input exposed by the plug-in. Audio track, Bus and Send outputs can be routed to sidechain inputs.
Sidechaining is typically used with compressors to limit one signal depending on the signal level of another. Common applications are to reduce the level of a bass guitar when there is a kick drum, or to reduce the level of music whenever a speaker talks (often used for background music in radio- and television programs). There are of course many more applications that are not mentioned here.
SONAR includes the following plug-ins that support sidechaining:
You can limit the number of sidechain inputs that SONAR displays for any given VST plug-in. This is useful if you don’t need to use all the input channels and you want to limit the number of audio input channels that are displayed in SONAR.
On the Utilities menu, click Cakewalk Plug-in Manager to open the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager.
In the Plug-in Categories list, select VST Audio Effects (VST).
In the Registered Plug-ins list, select the desired plug-in.
Under VST Configuration, click Plug-in Properties to open the VST Plug-in Properties dialog box.
In the Max used inputs box, specify the max number of inputs you want to use for the plug-in.
Note: The default value is the maximum number of mono input channels as exposed by the plug-in. The valid range is from 2 to the maximum number of channels exposed by the plug-in. With a value of 2, SONAR will not display any sidechain inputs for the plug-in. With a value of 4, SONAR will display 1 stereo sidechain input, etc.
The sidechain input is exposed in the list of available output destinations in all Track/Bus/Send Output controls (except for outputs that would result in a feedback loop).
Sidechain inputs are not exposed by plug-ins that are inserted in clip effects bins and surround bus effects bins. You can insert any multi-input plug-in into a clip effects bin or surround bus effects bin, but the sidechain inputs on these plug-ins will not be active. The plug-in will function as a normal plug-in and only receive input on its primary input.
Freeze does not consider sidechain inputs because Freeze only works on a single audio track at a time. To mix down sidechain inputs, use standard bounce with all sidechain sources selected in the mix.

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