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The Vintage Channel VC-64 plug-in supports sidechaining (see Sidechaining). When an instance of Vintage Channel VC-64 is inserted in a project, you can assign audio track, bus and send outputs to its sidechain input.
Key (for each compressor). Enabling sidechaining on one of the compressors will send the sidechain input(s) to the level detector of that compressor. This function compresses the signal based on the sidechain level rather than the primary input level.
Listen. Enable to listen to the compressor’s sidechain signal instead of the ordinary output.
Key (for each EQ). Enabling sidechaining on one of the equalizers will replace its normal input (according to its routing) with the sidechain signal.
Note 1: When you enable Key on one of the compressors, the internal compressor sidechain (detector chain) is fed from the external sidechain inputs. When you enable Listen you will hear what's on the compressor’s sidechain regardless if this comes from the external sidechain inputs or not. If you want to hear the external sidechain you must enable both Key and Listen on one of the compressors.
Note 2: If Listen is enabled on both compressors only the sidechain of Compressor 2 will be heard.
A. Sidechain Listen B. Enable/disable sidechaining for the current Compressor C. Enable/disable sidechaining for the current EQ

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