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You can use Publisher to create a customized streaming music player with a playlist of your music, upload the player to your personal or band's web site, and embed it in any other web site. You can also update your playlist with album art, links (URLs), and artist, track, & album information.
Publisher works by connecting to your web host's FTP account (usually provided when you sign up with a web hosting company and create a web site) and uploading files to a location of your choosing. Once these files are successfully transferred to your web site, Publisher generates a simple HTML tag that you can paste into any other web site to embed and display your audio player. For those familiar with it, the process is similar to selecting images that are originally hosted on one web site and displaying them on a different web site.
Figure 279. Cakewalk Publisher
Click Utilities > Cakewalk Publisher.
When exporting audio as an MP3 file, enable the Add to Cakewalk Publisher check box in the Export Audio dialog box.
Click Start > Programs > Cakewalk > Publisher > Cakewalk Publisher.

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