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Figure 364. Skylight.
A. Control Bar B. Inspector C. Track view D. Browser E. MultiDock
Take lanes provide an alternative method of viewing and editing overlapping clips on tracks. Overlapping clips can occur when you record multiple takes on the same track. Take lanes can be expanded or collapsed on each track. When expanded, Take lanes are indented below the parent track. Take lanes can be created, hidden, and removed, and each track can have an unlimited number of lanes.
To show a track’s Take lanes, click the track’s Expand/collapse Take lanes button .
A. Parent track B. Take lanes
Automation lanes are an alternative method of viewing automation envelopes on tracks and buses. Automation envelopes can be displayed in the parent track, or in indented lanes below the parent track.
Figure 367. Automation lanes.
A. Parent track B. Automation lanes
To show a track’s Automation lanes, click the track’s Expand/collapse Automation lanes button .
Automation Write buttons indicate the automation mode (Touch, Overwrite, or Latch). For details, see Automation write modes (Producer and Studio only).
A. Paused B. Playback C. Recording
The inline Piano Roll shows clip headers when editing note events. Click a header to select all events that live in the clip, or drag the header to move all events in the clip.
Track Properties Inspector and Bus Properties Inspector have an Automation section, with controls to specify the automation write mode and time base.
Replace synth command to replace a synth with any other available synth. Swap instruments and try new sounds in one simple step, while keeping all other routing and track data fully in-tact. For details, see To replace an instrument.
Smart Grid option. Snap to dynamic grid based on horizontal zoom level.
Snap To and Snap By are now a single toggle.
Streamlined Landmarks button. Right-click the Landmarks button to enable/disable individual landmarks.
You can expand SONAR’s interface by using the new Full Screen mode. To do so, click the Window menu and choose Full Screen, or press F11.
MIDI Input controls set to None correctly display None instead of Omni.

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