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Figure 372. R-MIX SONAR.
R-MIX SONAR allows you to visually manipulate an audio mix. Powered by Roland’s V-Remastering technology, R-MIX SONAR lets you see the components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter as the song plays.
Visualizing the sound allows you to use not only your ears but also your eyes to understand the layout and placement of the instruments. You can select any components of the mix, and freely edit them. By moving and adjusting the frame provided by R-MIX SONAR Edition, you can mute or extract specific regions of the visualized sound, in this way altering the volume balance in very precise ways. You can change and automate panning positions and levels to individual instruments within a stereo mix, for example, and add effects to each element as desired.
Routing can be adjusted by moving modules via simple drag and drop. Signal flow is easily visualized and flows from top to bottom, just like a hardware mixer.
Note: You can insert multiple instances of external ProChannel modules. However, you can not insert multiple instances of the internal ProChannel modules, including QuadCurve Equalizer, Tube Saturation, PC76 U-Type compressor, and PC4K S-Type bus compressor.
ProChannel Console Emulator module (Producer only)
The FX Chain module lets you save and load audio effect plug-in chain presets called FX Chain. The FX Chain module can be used as an effects bin that can be inserted between other ProChannel modules.
ProChannel Softube Saturation Knob module (Producer only)
The Softube Saturation Knob module borrows from Softube’s famous German FET distortion and compression circuitry modeling, and provides smooth, one-knob, frequency saturation operation for adding just the right amount of tube warmth to any track.
BREVERB SONAR by Overloud provides world-class studio reverb. Dozens of professional presets are included, covering a wide range of applications from mixing to post-production. SONAR includes both VST and ProChannel versions of BREVERB SONAR. For details, click the Help button in the BREVERB SONAR VST version.

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