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Notation and lyrics ► The Staff view

When you first open the Staff view, you may see only the Staff and not the Fretboard. Resize the Staff view by dragging its edges until you can see everything easily. When you save your file, whatever size the Staff view is will be the way it appears the next time you open the file.
The Staff pane displays MIDI note events as musical notation. For some musicians, this may be the most familiar and comfortable view in which to work. The Staff pane provides many features that make it easy for you to compose, edit, and print music.
For guitar players who are new to musical notation, the Fretboard represents the notes in the Staff pane as they would appear on a six-string guitar neck in standard tuning. The number of strings and the tuning are configurable. All notes that appear in the Staff pane at the Now time are shown in the Fretboard. If you enter notes in the Staff at the Now time, they appear on the Fretboard. Likewise, you can enter notes into the Staff at the Now time by clicking the guitar strings on the fretboard. Notes and chords shown in the Fretboard can be easily edited by dragging them up and down the guitar strings.
Figure 340. The Staff view
A. Staff view menu B. Zoom in/out C. Staff pane D. Editing tools E. Time and pitch locator F. Track list pane G. Fretboard pane

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