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Notation and lyricsBasic musical editing ► Moving, copying, and deleting notes on the staff

Selections can be cut, copied, pasted, and deleted with Edit menu commands. The techniques are similar to those used in other views. Selections can also be dragged and dropped to copy or move them. To keep track of your current position while dragging, you can keep an eye on the time and pitch locator in the upper-right corner of the Staff view.
Notes can be dragged horizontally, to a new time, or vertically, to a new pitch or staff. When you drag a note up or down to a new pitch, the note normally snaps to the notes in the current key signature (diatonic scale). This makes it easy to drag notes quickly among pitches that are in the current key.
If you need to transpose more than a few notes, use the Process > Transpose command. For more information, see Transposing.

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