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Notation and lyricsWorking with lyrics ► Adding and editing lyrics in the Lyrics view

Lyrics appear in the Lyrics view as a stream of syllables, each one associated with a note in the track. In this context, a syllable is any continuous string of characters, without a hyphen. For example, “love,” “desire,” and “infatuation” are all syllables; each one would be associated with a single note. If you want to break a word into multiple syllables, you must hyphenate the word. For example, “de-sire” would map onto two notes, since it is now two syllables long.
When you enter the lyrics, you can mark the syllables the way you want, or you can simply type the text in normally and use automatic hyphenation to break the text into syllables. This means that you can add lyrics to a project by copying and pasting them from another application (such as a word processor), and then hyphenate them automatically.
To extend a single syllable over more than one note, you can use extra hyphens, separated by spaces. For example, in “Oh-say can you see…”, the “Oh” is extended over two notes. If a track contains no lyrics yet, the display will show only a series of hyphens (one for each note in the track).
Table 201.  
Editing in the Lyrics view follows standard Windows conventions for cursor movement, selection, cut (CTRL+X), copy (CTRL+C), paste (CTRL+V), and delete (DELETE). When you pause, SONAR will update all Lyric events in the track.
Click the Lyrics view Font menu and choose Hyphenate.

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