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Controlling playback

When you play your SONAR project, you have full control over the tempo or speed of playback, which tracks are played, which sound cards or other devices are used to produce the sound, and what the tracks sound like. You can access all of the playback functions from the Control Bar (see Control Bar overview).
SONAR’s multi-MIDI enhancements give you the ability to play multiple synths or tracks from a single keyboard or controller, or let multiple performers play the same or different tracks. You have total control over MIDI echo (MIDI echo refers to where MIDI input signals are sent once SONAR receives them).
Note: SONAR has a button called the Audio Engine button in the Control Bar’s Transport module, which you click to stop any feedback you may experience if there is a loop somewhere in your mixer setup. Whenever you play a project, SONAR automatically enables the audio engine.

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