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Controlling playback ► Track-by-track playback

SONAR lets you play back any combination of tracks at one time by changing each track’s status. You can control the status of each track with the individual controls that are on every track, or with the global controls in the Control Bar’s Mix module. For more information about the Mix module, see Mix module.
Figure 41. The Mix module.
A. Mute B. Solo C. Arm D. Input Echo E. Live Input PDC Override F. Bypass All Effects G. Exclusive Solo H. Dim Solo I. Automation Read (playback) J. Automation Write (recording) K. Offset mode
Table 21.  
The track is not played, and you must stop playback to re-enable it. Archived tracks do not tax your CPU during playback so they can be used to store alternate takes.
Phase normal or inverted (audio tracks only)
If a track was accidentally recorded out of phase with another track, the Phase button in the Track Inspector lets you reverse the phase of a track.
While playback is in progress, you can mute and unmute tracks in any combination, which means you can hear only the tracks that you want. You can change the status of a track in the Track view, the Console view, the Track Inspector, or the Mix module in the Control Bar. If a track is both muted and soloed, it does not play. Mute has precedence.
The track status is saved with the SONAR project file. If you save a SONAR project as a standard MIDI File, however, all tracks are saved without mute, solo, or archive indicators.

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