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R-MIX SONAR Edition (Producer only)

R-MIX SONAR Edition (Producer only)
R-MIX SONAR Edition allows you to visually manipulate an audio mix. Powered by Roland’s V-Remastering technology, R-MIX SONAR Edition lets you see the components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter as the song plays.
Visualizing the sound allows you to use not only your ears but also your eyes to understand the layout and placement of the instruments. You can select any components of the mix, and freely edit them. By moving and adjusting the frame provided by R-MIX SONAR Edition, you can mute or extract specific regions of the visualized sound, in this way altering the volume balance in very precise ways. You can change panning positions and levels to individual instruments within a stereo mix, for example, and add effects to each element as desired.
Note: As with any audio processing software, results with R-MIX SONAR Edition are dependent on the source quality. R-MIX SONAR Edition provides high-quality, natural-sounding results with few undesirable artifacts, glitches, or over-modulated sounds.
Under normal operation, knobs and faders move in increments of 0.10 dB or 0.10%. To make fine adjustments (0.01 dB or 0.01%), hold down the SHIFT key while moving a knob or fader.

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