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RecordingCreating a new project ► Sony Wave-64 support

SONAR fully supports reading and writing to the Sony Wave-64 format, which has a limit of 8,388,608 terabytes!
SONAR only creates Wave-64 file when needed. The Wave-64 format allows an application to dynamically switch from classic RIFF WAVE to Wave-64 format even if the data was originally created as a RIFF wave file. SONAR detects when a file will exceed 2GB and will dynamically switch to the new Wave-64 format.
The following table shows the maximum duration for a stereo WAVE file before we hit the 2GB limit, as well as the max duration for a stereo Wave-64 file before we hit the 8,388,608 terabyte limit.
Table 34.  
When you destructively process audio effects on a SONAR clip whose duration exceeds 2GB.
CWB files are RIFF files with multiple WAVE chunks. Therefore, CWB files in previous versions of SONAR were subject to the same file size limitations of normal RIFF Wav files. This could potentially result in a CWB file that failed to save because a chunk was too large.
SONAR will automatically use the Wave-64 format if a CWB file exceeds 2GB.
The SONAR project file format supports writing 64-bit sample offsets for regions and clips. When a project containing 64-bit sample times is detected, saving that project automatically rewrites it in this new format.

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