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System exclusive data ► Using the System Exclusive view

The System Exclusive view has a list box for a maximum of 256 Sysx banks, plus a toolbar of buttons. Most of the buttons affect whatever bank you have selected in the list. Certain buttons will be disabled if the selected bank is empty. To open the System Exclusive view, click the Views menu and choose Sysx, or press ALT+SHIFT+7.
SONAR stores Sysx messages as either Sysx banks or Sysx data. The main difference is in the number of bytes in the message, and also that Sysx data is only visible in the Event List view as SysxData events. A Sysx data message can have up to 255 bytes in it. You can send Sysx data to an instrument without interrupting playback (depending on the speed of your computer and the number of bytes in the message), however, sending a Sysx bank stops playback until all of the Sysx bank is transmitted. Sysx banks are usually sent to your instrument when you load your work file. SONAR asks you each time you load a project file if you want to send any existing Sysx banks the file contains that are marked for auto-sending. To mark or unmark the selected bank for auto-sending, click the Settings menu and choose Auto Send on/off.

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