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Downmixing is a way of previewing your surround project in stereo only. There are various cases where surround is not available and it may be that someone plays your project in stereo only. A radio broadcast is a good example. Downmixing is a valuable tool for determining if your project will sound good in stereo. However, you can export your project in stereo, and SONAR uses your downmix settings to create your exported file.
The following table lists the downmixing settings in Edit > Preferences > Project - Surround and gives a brief description of what the setting does. You can also manually enter other values besides these preset ones.
Table 173.  
-3 dB. Maintains the same level of center channel sound when you listen in a typically reverberant room
-4.5 dB. A compromise level between -3dB and -6 dB
-6 dB. Maintains the same level of center channel sound when you listen to direct sound without typical room reverberations
-INF. Eliminates all of the Center channel signal
-3 dB. Maintains the same level of surround
-6 dB. Reduces the level of surround so that it doesn’t compete with center channel sound such as dialog
-INF. Eliminates all of the Surround channel signal
-12 (or type in a value). Lets you choose the level of LFE in the stereo mix
-INF. Eliminates all LFE
If you do not have a stereo bus in your project, create one by right-clicking in the Bus pane in the Track view or Console view and selecting Insert Stereo Bus from the menu that appears.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Surround, select a center downmix level and a surround downmix level, and click OK.
Listen to your project through the stereo bus, and make any final adjustments to the stereo mix by changing the values in Edit > Preferences > Project - Surround.
If you want to export your stereo mix, use the File > Export > Audio command. This command obeys your downmix settings.

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