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Another common editing task is to move a selected part of a clip, or an entire clip around in a project. If you understand selection, you're half way there. Let's undo the previous edit (go to Edit > Undo or press CTRL+Z), and turn on Snap to Grid. If you changed the snap resolution, make sure you change it back to Whole Note. Select the section you want to move. Let's go back to the track named GR_Lead 1 and select measures 6 through 10.
With the Smart tool selected, click the top part of the selection and drag the clip to the desired location. For this tutorial, let’s drag the selection to the bottom of the project and create a new Audio track that contains the selected clip.
The Drag and Drop Options dialog box appears, which lets you specify what to do with any existing data in the target location. You can either replace the existing data or blend the old and new data.

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