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You can crop a clip by using a gesture called slip editing. Slip editing lets you “roll out” the beginning or the end of a clip to different places without changing the position of the music. Imagine that the clips are “windows” that allow you to see and hear pieces of audio or MIDI. You can change the size of that window so that less of the data is visible. If it's not visible, it won't be heard during playback. The data still exists, so you can enlarge the “window” by slip editing the clip. The visible data will then be audible.
Select the Smart tool or Edit tool in the Control Bar to use slip editing.
You can fade individual clips by using the Smart tool or Edit tool . Drag the upper left corner of a clip to create a fade-in. Drag the upper right corner of a clip to create a fade-out.
Tip: When cropping clips, you can choose to also move clip fades proportionally, or retain the original fade position. To move the fade position, click the top three quarters of the clip edge when cropping. To retain the clip fade position, click the bottom quarter of the clip edge when cropping. You can also hold down the ALT key while cropping in order to move a clip fade.

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