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Click the Modules menu in the Console view and choose the desired module.
Figure 527. Console view Modules menu.
The Input Gain module lets you adjust the pre-volume input gain and pan (buses only).
Figure 528. Input Gain module.
A. Input gain/trim B. Input pan
A. Pre/Post B. Global input meter C. Expand/collapse ProChannel D. Preset E. Global On/Off F. Equalizer graph
EQ Plot module (Studio and Essential only)
Figure 530. EQ Plot module (Studio and Essential only).
A. EQ on/off B. EQ plot
Figure 531. FX Bin module.
A. Scroll up B. Scroll down C. Insert plug-in D. Enable/disable plug-in E. Plug-in name F. Effect output interleave indicator (mono, stereo or surround) .
A. Scroll up B. Scroll down C. Insert Send D. Send number E. Send destination F. Send level G. Pre/post toggle H. Send enable/disable I. Send pan J. Bank K. Patch L. Channel
Figure 533. MSR module.
A. Mono/Stereo B. Phase Invert C. Read Automation D. Write Automation E. Mute F. Solo G. Arm for recording H. Input Echo I. Link left and right channel faders (mains only)
Figure 534. Pan Control module.
A. Stereo Pan control B. Surround Panner (Producer and Studio only)
The Volume module lets you adjust the channel strip’s playback or monitoring level. The meter lets you monitor the channel strip’s playback or recording level. The peak meter value updates during playback to show the highest peak level reached.
A. Volume fader B. Peak value C. Link faders (Mains only)
Figure 536. Icon module.
A. Track/bus icon
Figure 537. In / Out module.
A. Input B. Output

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