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Open the Video view by using the Views > Video command or by pressing ALT+SHIFT+2. In addition to the Video view, there is also a Video Thumbnails pane in the Track view (see Using the Video Thumbnails pane). The File > Import > Video command lets you include an AVI, MPEG, or QuickTime video in your project. This video is shown in the Video view in real time as your project plays. The Video view displays the current time (as in the Big Time view) and the video itself. The display in the Video view is synchronized with the Now time, giving you convenient random access to the video stream. This makes it easy to align music and digitized sound to the video.
If the Video view is the active window, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to advance by a frame or a frame increment. The +/-, and left/right arrow keys move forward/backwards by a single frame. If the control key is pressed, then the frame increment value is used (default = 5 frames) Alternatively you can use the [ and ] keys to seek by the frame increment.
Commands in the Video view's pop-up menu let you set the time display format, the size and stretch options for the video display, the video start and trim times, and other options. Your project's video and digital audio data can be saved together in a new AVI file by using the File > Export > Video command. For more information, see Preparing audio for distribution.
Use these options in the Video File dialog box:
Look in. Use this field to find the folder that contains the video file you want to insert.
File name. Use this field to find the video file you want to insert. Clicking the name of the file in the window above this field causes it to appear in the File name field.
Files of Type. Use this field to select what type of video files to display.
Note: In order to import and view QuickTime files, you will need to have installed the Quicktime DirectShow filters included with the installer, and you also need to download and install QuickTime from
Show File Info. If you check this option, Cakewalk displays the video file’s format tag, audio sample rate, and length in both audio samples and time.
Import Audio Stream. If you check this option, Cakewalk imports the video file’s audio file along with the video. Select a blank track before you do this.
Stereo Split. If you check this option, Cakewalk imports the video file’s audio file into two separate tracks, instead of one stereo track.
Open. After you decide what options you want, clicking the Open button imports the video and, optionally, the accompanying audio into your project.

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