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Tempo view
Open the Tempo view by using the Views > Tempo command, or by pressing ALT+SHIFT+5.
The Tempo view provides both a graphic display of the tempo and a list of all tempo changes in your project. In the graphical display you can use your mouse to draw tempo changes directly onto the graph. In the tempo list, you can insert, edit, and delete individual tempo changes. Click the Tempo List button to display or hide the Tempo list.
If you want audio clips to stretch with any tempo changes you introduce, you need to enable Groove clip looping on any audio clips that you want to follow the tempo changes. Do this by selecting one or more clips, right-clicking a selected clip, and choosing Groove Clip Looping from the pop-up menu. Each clip that has Groove clip looping enabled has beveled edges instead of sharp corners. The same command disables Groove clip looping on any selected clip that has Groove clip looping enabled.
Table 275.  
When the Snap to Grid button is depressed, any new tempo changes will only be entered as often as the duration value in the Control Bar’s Snap module.
If you make a mistake using any of these tools, you can use Undo to correct the error. When you use the Draw tool, the speed with which you drag the mouse determines the density of tempo events. To insert a larger number of relatively small tempo changes, move the mouse slowly. To insert a smaller number of relatively large tempo changes, drag the mouse quickly.
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For more information, see Using the Tempo view. For step by step instructions:

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