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Getting started ► Getting started

If you want to get up and running quickly, please use the following tutorials, which are tailored to learning specific tasks in SONAR. If you are new to Cakewalk products, you may want to start at Tutorial 1. If you have used previous versions of Cakewalk, or you want to do a specific task, choose from the following tutorials:
Glossary. A list of defined terms.
Introduction. An overview of SONAR’s features and functionality.
Troubleshooting. Answers to frequently asked questions.
New features in SONAR X2. Descriptions of new features in SONAR X2.
Note: This documentation covers SONAR X2 Producer, SONAR X2 Studio and SONAR X2 Essential. The documentation indicates if a feature only applies to a specific edition of SONAR X2. For a list of key differences between each edition, see Comparison.

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