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Window management

SONAR offers a lot of flexibility in the way you can arrange windows on your screen. This allows you to adjust the viewing and editing space to suit your own needs. The following options are just some of the ways you can arrange windows:
Dock windows in the MultiDock. You can have as many views open in tabbed format as you want. Instead of placing each view in its own window, you can group views by docking them in the MultiDock. For details, see MultiDock.
Instantly make the current view or plug-in transparent so you can easily access other windows that may be hidden behind the current window. The X-Ray Windows feature eliminates the need to constantly minimize, move, or close windows in order to work in other windows. For details, see X-Ray.
View SONAR in full screen mode. To do so, click the Window menu and choose Full Screen, or press F11.

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