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Window management ► Floating views and using dual video monitors

When a view is float enabled, you can move it outside of the confines of SONAR. This is particularly useful if you take advantage of SONAR’s dual monitor support, which allows you to float most of your views to a second monitor and increase the number of views that you can have open at one time.
Important: Dual monitor support requires that you have a supported video card. Follow your hardware manufacturer’s instructions for using dual monitors.
You can float views in SONAR without having a second monitor. Floating a view allows you to move it out of SONAR, over the Control Bar and menus, for example, giving you added flexibility when using SONAR with other applications. All views except the Track view can be floated.
Note: If you are using a dual monitor system and experience sluggish performance when selecting and dragging clips in the Clips pane, confirm that both monitors are set to the same Color Quality bit depth.
By default, new views are docked in the MultiDock. Any view can be undocked from the MultiDock and moved anywhere on the desktop. To float a docked view, simply drag the view’s tab out of the MultiDock.
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